Commission info

Base prices

Lineart only

Headshots/icons - 3$
Halfbody - 5$
Fullbody - 10$

Full color

Headshots/icons - 6$
Halfbody - 10$
Fullbody - 20$

Pricing info

Customs are usually 20$
Extra characters cost an extra 50%
The reason I have shading as always included with coloring is because it doesn't currently take me long enough to justify charging extra. This may eventually change.
I don't offer sketches because currently, I sketch traditionally and then ink and color the piece digitally. This also may eventually change.

Commissions terms of service

I can be most easily reached through email, DeviantArt, and Toyhouse.
I will need at least one reference image of the character/s, what type of commission you want, and a description of what you want it to look like.
I accept payment through PayPal and Ko-fi in USD. I require 50% of payment up front, and I will ask for the final 50% before I send you the finished version.
I will send you progress images after I finish the sketch, the line art, and the flat colors(if applicable). You are allowed to ask for three edits for free, after which each edit is $0.20 USD.
I do not allow refunds after the commission is finished.
I reserve the right to turn down a commission for any reason.

I will not accept commissions of the following

  • Anything sexual or suggestive
  • Genitalia in nonsexual situations
  • Incest, zoophilia, and pedophilia
  • Bigotry
  • Humans and humanoid characters
  • Mechas
  • Detailed backgrounds
  • The MLP art style(I can and will draw ponies and horses, just in my own style)

I specialize in the following

  • Ferals of any species
  • Anthros of any species
  • Dragons

Unless otherwise stated, you do not have permission to use my art for the following

  • NFTs
  • Commercial uses

Designs terms of service

You are not allowed to use my adopts for NFTs or for content discriminating against minorities. Other than that, go crazy.
You can trade as much as you want. However, if you wish to sell the character, you cannot sell it for more than what you bought it for unless you have acquired or made more art of the character.
Dm me if you redesign a character. If I think the redesign makes the character no longer my work, I will give you the go ahead to stop crediting me for that specific design of the character.