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He/they / 18

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Hello, you can call me Crunch! I'm a furry artist who enjoys character design and experimenting with various species. Most of my art is digital. My fursona(depicted in various places on this website) is a moth/hyena-hybrid-thing named Jester.

About this site

This website will serve as my portfolio, commission info, and just an overall home for my random stuff. As of right now it's a broken work in progress, sorry about that. I'm not the best at html and css yet, so if you have any constructive criticism, feel free to reach out to me! Just don't be too rude about it lol I block people without hesitation All art on here is my own! Please do not repost without credit.


December 2022

This month was my first month doing commissions, and I made over 70$! I'm astounded by the generousity of this community and I'm proud to call myself a part of it. Thank you to all of my very kind clients, you were all extremely pleasant to work with :). This community is full of such kind people. I didn't do anything particularly daring with my art this month, but I did experiment with my style a little bit. I also learned html and css, which was a lot easier than I expected, even if I'm not quite great at it yet. Next month I intend to learn pixel art to extend my horizons. This month I designed Jester, my fursona. I'm in love with their design, ngl, and I'm pretty proud of myself for creating something I vibe with this much. My last sona, Leo, was a lot less creative(can be found on my toyhouse) and I'm glad I pushed myself this go around.